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Get Involved!

Even if you don’t choose to major or minor in Theatre Arts, you can still get involved with University Theatre and theatre related activities and clubs on campus:

Theatre Arts Regular Season

The mission of the University Theatre is two-fold. One is to provide an opportunity for University of Oregon students to participate in dramatic arts productions. These opportunities serve as a laboratory for Theatre Arts majors to apply what they learn in classes, but participation is not limited to majors only. All University of Oregon students are welcome to take part and may serve a production as actors, directors, designers, choreographers, playwrights, composers, musicians, technicians, dramaturgs, publicists, and arts managers.

The second mission of the University Theatre is to provide an opportunity for University of Oregon students and residents of the community and surrounding area to see live theatrical performances of high caliber at affordable prices. The availability of cultural events such as University Theatre productions is an important resource for the students attending the University.


The Pocket Playhouse

The Pocket is a student run organization that helps students craft their artistic visions on the stage. Each quarter, the Pocket produces up to 5 shows, completely under the direction and operation of students. Many productions are original, some are new renderings of old classics, and some are obscure offerings seldom seen on stage, but they all come from the vision of directors, actors and designers just like you!


Absolute Improv!

Absolute Improv is THE Improv troupe here at the University of Oregon! For 28 years, Absolute has been performing both long form and short form games, and even after all this time we still make each other laugh! We have open rehearsals that we post on our facebook page once a week, as well as a dedicated team that competes, performs, and teaches Improv in and around Oregon!