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Minor Requirements

Theatre Arts Minor Requirements

The purpose of the minor in Theatre Arts is to expose the student to a variety of the disciplines within theatre and to allow for some specialization. A minimum of 24 hours of University level courses in theatre arts are required; at least 16 of these credits must be taken at the University of Oregon and at least 16 must be upper-division work. Lower division courses must be passed with a grade of C-/Pass or better, upper-division courses must be passed with a C- or better.

The course of study must include at least one course in each of the following areas: International students must also submit the following:

TA 250 Acting I
TA 251 Acting II
TA 252 Acting III

TA 410 – Experimental Topics (Devising, Applied Theatre)

TA 452 – Advanced Topics in Acting: scheduled on a rotation. (Topics include Voice/Dialect, Morris technique, Meisner technique, Movement, Clown, and Acting Shakespeare) Pre-requisites: completion of Acting III. Transfer students may petition for exception to these pre-requisites.

TA 271 Introduction to Theatre Arts
TA 472 Multicultural Theatre or Special Topics

Technical Theatre and Design
TA 210 Introduction to Design
TA 211 Theatre Production I
TA 212 Theatre Production II
TA 416 Pattern Drafting
TA 417 Costume Design I
TA 418 Costume Design II
TA 419 Costume Construction
TA 441 Scene Design I
TA 442 Scene Design II
TA 467 Lighting for the Stage

Theatre History
TA 367 Theatre History I
TA 368 Theatre History II
TA 369 Theatre History III
TA 414 Costume History I
TA 415 Costume History II
TA 416 Costume History III

Students focused on acting (majors or minors) are strongly encouraged to include at least one of the following in their four years. If musical theatre is an emphasis, the encouragement is to do as many of the following as possible:

DANC 170 Modern I, DANC 172 Ballet I, DANC 175 Jazz I, DANC 175 Jazz I
DANC 176 Tap I, DANC 184 Ballroom I, DAN 255 Dance Production
Note: Dance courses may charge an additional fee.

MUP 101 Voice, MUP 140 Voice, MUS 125 Basic Music,

MUS 126 Rudiments of Music Theory, MUS 134, 135, 136 Aural Skills
MUS 398 Opera Workshop