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Costume Run Crew Head

Basic Job Description

The costume run crew head supervises the costume running crew in maintaining costumes and assisting actors with dressing for productions. This position is available to students who have already served as a member of the costume run crew.


The Costume Running Crew Head attends one run through rehearsal and supervises the running crew in the following activities:
Inventory costumes before and after each performance
Repair costumes as needed, inform Shop Supervisor of major repairs
Supervise daily laundry and pressing for costumes
Assist with hairstyling and makeup special effects
Help actors into costumes
Preset costumes and assist with fast changes
Prepare nightly performance reports for the Shop Supervisor
Strike the costumes at the end of the run

For a more complete list of duties, ask see the Running a Show instructions in the costume shop.

The time commitment includes attending one run through, all dress rehearsals, and every performance. You must be available for all of these dates to take this position.