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Master Electrician

Basic Job Description:

The Master Electrician is similar to being the technical director for the Lighting Designer. The M. E. is responsible for insuring the realization of the light plot. He/she is responsible for hanging and circuiting the lighting units according to the plot.  The M.E. works with the Lighting Designer during the focus sessions as either the board operator or as the person actually focusing the units. The M.E., under the supervision of the designer, is also responsible for the wiring of any practicals or scenic pieces that include lighting units.

The Master Electrician is also responsible for conducting the light check before every performance.

At the least, the Master Electrician, must be familiar with how to hang, circuit, focus, and change the lamp in any of the lighting units owned by University Theatre. Knowing how to use accessories such as color, templates, and barndoors is essential.

The time commitment for a Master Electrician is relatively short, but intense. Because of the need for the theatre to be dark and quiet for many of the work sessions, scheduling can be difficult. For all productions, the three Saturdays before opening should be available. Large time blocks should be made available during the week also. SCHEDULING TIME WITH THE LIGHTING DESIGNER SHOULD BE DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

For light check, the M.E. should be available approximately 1 1/2 hours before curtain. If there are no problems, the light check shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes (much less time for an Arena show).