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Many other scholarships and tuition assistance programs are offered through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Undergraduate Scholarships

In the spring of each year, the faculty consider all theatre arts majors, both graduate and undergraduate, for any available scholarships for the following year. Criteria vary, but faculty usually study both earned grade point average and participation in University Theatre. Awards are competitive, and the number and amount reflect available funding. Typically, students with a cumulative grade point average lower than 3.5 are not considered for Theatre Arts scholarships

Anna Boyd Reed Scholarship
Awarded each year to a new student, either freshman or transfer, who are completing their first year in the program. Students must have above a 3.0 grade average and demonstrate evidence of extra-curricular theatre activities.

Arnold/Isabelle/Rupert Marks Scholarship
Awarded to actors carrying a full course load; may be given to graduate students (incoming or continuing) or undergraduates completing their sophomore or junior years.

Kenneth Olsen Scholarship
Awarded to third- or fourth-year undergraduates who demonstrates active extra-curricular involvement and interest in theatre management and administration or technical theatre.

Theatre Alumni Gift Scholarship
Awarded to students who combine excellent scholarship with outstanding production work.

Ty and Holly Burrell Scholarship

Awarded to two students focusing on performance or future professional work in theatre, television or film.

Jack Watson Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to students admitted to the Theatre in London Program, aimed to diversify opportunity and support for excellent students in special financial need.

The Very Little Theatre Scholarship

Awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding work in any area of theatre production, with preference towards those who have worked with VLT in performance or production. Faculty send nominations to VLT for selection.

How do I apply for these scholarships?

If you are a Theatre Arts major with a GPA at or above 3.5, please complete the Theatre Arts Scholarship Application.
Applications Due: May 1, 2020
All applications will be evaluated by the Theatre Arts Faculty Committee. Recipients will be notified via email in late Spring 2020.