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Where can I go with a Theatre Arts degree?


We see many people come through University Theatre program that lead many different lives. Many of them keep in contact with our faculty. Most of our Alumni utilize this degree in many branches of life.

If you pursue a degree in Theatre Arts at University of Oregon, here are a few careers that such degrees have been utilized in.

Project Consultant at Portland Internetworks
Native/Indigenous Audience Development Associate at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Site Operations Liaison at Eugene Saturday Market
Videographer at University of Oregon
Senior News Reporter
Recruitment Specialist at University of Oregon
Elementary School Teacher
Costume Dresser at Universal Studios Hollywood
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Decor Installer at West Coast Event Productions,Inc.
Arts Administrator
Lab Assistant


Keep Reading For A Closer Look at Some of Our Outstanding Alumni!



Heidi Schreck, ’94

After graduation, Heidi spent time teaching English in Siberia. After this she was a journalist in St. Petersburg, Russia. After this she came to Seattle, Washington to pursue acting and writing. She is playwright and star of Broadway show What the Constitution Means to Me. The show is a partial autobiography from her days debating as a teenager. She is also known for writing Grand Concourse, and writing with shows I love Dick, Nurse Jackie, and Billions. She has performed Off-Broadway in a number of shows. She has been nominated for two Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Play and Outstanding Actress in a Play. And has been Nominated for two Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. She has won two Obie Awards for performance. Here is a link to an interview with Heidi about What the Constitution Means to Me and a link to the webpage for the show: 



Marissa Neitling, ’07

A double major in mathematics and theater arts, Marissa Neitling, BS ’07, delved into the Portland theater community—appearing in productions for Broadway Rose Theatre Company and Artists Repertory Theatre—before pursuing graduate school at Yale. She has appeared on The Last Ship, and will play a seismologist in the new film San Andreas, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.






Kaitlin Olson, ’97

Best known for her role as Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds on the hit TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kaitlin Olson, BS ’97, studied theater at the UO. Memorable college moments include a muddy rollerblading incident outside Villard Hall and getting divested of her fake ID at the campus bar Rennie’s Landing. An enthusiastic Ducks fan even before the football team hit its stride, she and her costar husband, Rob McElhenney, are supporters of the university. It’s Always Sunny celebrated its 10th season this year.






Brittany Dorris, ’13

“2013 alumni here! I am still happily living in Eugene, and fulfilling my life goal of both teaching elementary school and continuing my theatre life outside of school! I went on to receive a Master’s degree in Education and have been teaching 5th grade in Eugene since completing UOTeach in 2014. I continue to perform in locally and have gotten to wear the costume Sandy Bonds made for me in 2009 for Big River four more times in other Eugene period plays!”






Thomas Steven Varga, ’14

“Since 2014 I moved to Southern California after being accepted as one of UC Irvine’s 8 annual Master of Fine Arts acting students. Since completing my MFA, I have worked with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival performing and teaching as part of their School Visit Program, performed as a company member of Orange County’s New Swan Shakespeare Festival for the past 3 seasons, and joined the acting faculty at both Cypress College and the Actor’s Studio of Orange County / Seven Pillars Acting Studio. I currently live in Los Angeles and have begun transitioning into the film industry. So far I have appeared as a guest star on several television shows, many independent short films, as well as a feature film. I also teach and coach private students in the LA area.”





Chris Fuglestad, ’14

“I graduated UO in December 2014 with degrees in International Studies & French. I was involved in productions of The Crucible, Landscape of the Body, and Pride & Prejudice while I was at UO. I’m in San Antonio working in international education, but I’ve done a lot of regional theatre work including productions of Hunchback of Notre Dame, Avenue Q, and Ragtime, and I’ve also been in a French film that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Hope everyone is well back on campus.”






Tiffany Rose Thomas, ’13

Tiffany was always technically minded, but when she got to the UO, she felt she needed to find an outlet for her creative side, too. She found a perfect meld of both in scenic design: the artistic possibilities of the design process mixed with the precision of building a set was just right. And as she honed her eye for design in the physical world, she was preparing herself for a career she might not have been able to predict. Post-graduation, she landed a job at Disney—initially reviewing artwork, then working her way up to designing online games, including helping to produce a Star Wars augmented reality headset and experience. Now, she works in Sweden designing mobile games for industry giant King, the makers of Candy Crush. Tiffany may have traded in her hammer and paintbrush for software and code, but she kept that perfect blend of technical know-how and creative freedom.



Natalya Kolosowsky, ’16
“I graduated with an MFA in Costume Design. Since graduation, I have worked for a number of organizations including: the Salzburg State Theatre, Michael Curry Design, Degenerate Art Ensemble, and a large-scale top-secret parade that opened in Tokyo, Japan in spring of 2017. I am also the founder and artistic director of Shadow Tender – a bicoastal performance project & teaching methodology that premiered in Taipei, Taiwan in summer of 2017. Shadow Tender combines visual art, theater, neuroscience and technology to create dialogue around issues of power and identity. Parallel to my artistic endeavors, I also teach workshops, produce events, and work as a creative consultant and communication strategist. I am based out of Portland, OR and travel frequently for projects & collaborations. “




Ben M. Jones, ’17

Ben M. Jones graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts (with Honors) and Journalism. He is a playwright and director in residence with the New Short Play Festival in New York City, and his plays have had staged readings from the National Queer Theatre and Village Playwrights. He is also the author of the travel book, #BenAndHannahGoToEurope.
He is also currently employed as part of the front of house staff at Signature Theatre, and an avid viewer and reader of plays.






Margot Glaser, ’16

“Since graduation, I worked as Prop Master for a handful of shows at Oregon Contemporary Theater and as Assistant Production Manager at the Trinity Shakespeare Festival in Fort Worth, Texas. I am currently the Resident Properties Designer at The Phoenix Theater Company in Phoenix, Arizona.”






Christian Mitchell, ’18

Since graduating, I’ve been working hard at pursuing theater. Right now I work with a nonprofit called Rogue Pack where I teach improvisation and storytelling to at-risk youth. I’m in Portland, auditioning all I can and every now and then getting fortunate enough to get a callback, mostly through Shakespeare shows! Right after graduating I did an internship with an improv team in Scotland at the Edinburgh Frings Festival, where I saw some of the most amazing immersive and improvisational theater I’ve ever seen. While I work at Starbucks during the day and audition at night, I still find time to take acting classes and write as much as my brain can produce. If you aren’t currently working, you have to make the work! I hope to get an MFA eventually, and to act full time. Here’s to the current and future students of the UO Theatre Department. You’re all capable of great things!




Katie Dumolt, ’18

Since graduation, Katie has gone off to do a lot of things, but no theatre as of yet. In 2017, she started her own business, Unicorn Yarn Co., where she uses her design skills learned at UO to create collections of yarn and knitting patterns. Not long after, Katie had the privilege of being the featured artist in Twig’s Fiber Arts Gallery. Being able to fearlessly jump into a new project with unfamiliar materials or themes is a skill she is proud to have developed during her time in the UO Theatre Department. Katie has also spent several years working as a substitute teacher, middle school being her favorite age group to work with.



 Andrew Mayer, ’95
“Since graduation, I have been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king… wait, that’s Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’. Anyway, during the whirling dervish and fan dance career I have developed, I had a short stint in movies (WB Studios) and television (20th Century Fox) before getting a real job. I now work for American tax payers from the Pentagon in DC, analyzing the globe theatre of war. I always reflect on how arts reflect society; and specifically, how they can change the direction of society when the People are behind a powerful enough movement. I chose renewable energy as my life long movement. The movement is always breaking ground and becoming a civil rights issue of sorts as of late. I would love to tell some of my theatre colleagues about it while touring DC if they visit. They can count on at least a behind the scene tour of the Pentagon, and I know my way around Congress and City Hall, as well. There’s just got to be drama out of it. GO DUCKS!!!!!!”


Jamie Lynn Nathan, ’16
Since graduating, I have worked as a Production Manger and Technical Director of an Arts Center in Michigan, and as an Assistant Professor of Technical Direction at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. I am currently looking to get back to my scenic design roots. I also have a Redbubble shop where I put my doodles and sketches to practical use.




Melody Bates, ’95


I have very fond memories of my time in class and on stage in the Theatre Department. Robert Barton’s two semester “Playing Shakespeare” course remains one of the most inspiring acting classes I have ever taken–in an acting life that includes an MFA from Columbia and thousands of hours in rehearsal and class with teachers like the great Kristin Linklater and Anne Bogart.

Amidst the terrible challenges we are facing, I have some wonderful news to share: Original Works Publishing has just announced the publication of my first full-length play, R & J & Z

The NY Times called it “boisterous and splendid” and NY Theatre Review said “R & J & Z exceeds all expectations… Shakespeare is not spinning in his grave, but perhaps he will rise from it just to see this delightful, theatrical gorefest.” Judith Jerome, the founding artistic director of the theatre that commissioned the work and produced its premiere, spoke about the plays timeliness: “Bates’ consummate familiarity with the Bard, bred as both a writer and an actor, led her to the brilliant recognition of the zombie inferences lying in wait in Romeo & Juliet. Add her own exquisite wordsmithing, and R & J & Z becomes a powerful meditation on love in the time of what we did not yet, but would shortly call, pandemic.”

If ever there were a time for a play set against the backdrop of a plague, in which love conquers all in a battle for the future of the world…it seems like that time is now. Here is the play’s page on OWP,:



Michael Govier ’00
Photo credit- Michael is on the left.

UO Theatre Arts Alum Michael Govier’s animated short film, “If Anything Happens I Love You,” will be coming to Netflix Soon. Michael wrote and directed this short with Will McCormack and it is an “elegy on grief.”

Make sure to add this to your list on Netflix now and watch it as soon as it premiers!

Link to Animation Magazine Article











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