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Declare Your Major/Minor

Declaring your Theatre Arts (TA) major or minor is easy!

Thank you for bringing your talents to us in the Theatre Arts major!


To DECLARE, please do the following: Fill out the fields below and press the submit button. Submitting the form will forward your information to Alohi Wright, the Theatre Arts Office Specialist. If you are a transfer student, please indicate that on your form.

To DROP the major/minor, you may submit the form after completing only the required questions.

Please take the time to read all the important information following the form. 

Theatre Arts Major/Minor
What would you like to do? Check all that apply (Example: You'd like change your TA major to a TA minor, so you'd check both "Drop TA Major" and "Declare TA Minor"). IF DROPPING A TA MAJOR OR MINOR, you may submit this form after selecting your "drop" option in this section and selecting "Check this option if dropping your TA Major/Minor" in the following section. *
Declaring a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science? You can always change your mind later. *
I'm a transfer student:

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Alohi will process your responses and send the declaration or removal of a TA Major/Minor to the Registrar’s Office. Please note, that it may take up to four weeks for the Registrar’s Office to make the change official. In the meantime, if you are trying to register for classes that are restricted to TA majors/minors only, please email the instructor of that course and let them know that you have recently declared your major and are waiting for the change to appear on your student record.


You will be randomly assigned a Theatre Arts advisor. If you indicate any areas of interest on the form, you will be assigned an advisor who specializes in that field, however all of our TA advisors have great in-depth knowledge of both the program and aspects of Theatre Arts as a profession.

To see who are your Theatre Arts advisor is, please login to your DuckWeb account and view the “General Student Information” section and your advisor will be listed there. Your TA advisor will be assigned within 72 hours of completing the form above. You are also welcome to change your TA advisor at any point or meet with an instructor who isn’t assigned as your advisor.

Transfer Student Advising
If you are a transfer student, John Schmor will be assigned as your advisor. He is one of our professors and, as an advisor, is well versed in transfer credits. To contact him for an appointment, please email John at:

General TA Student Advising
For a general advising meeting, contact Jerry Hooker who is our undergraduate coordinator:

To view all of our Theatre Arts advisors, please visit this page: Theatre Arts Advising There, you can find a faculty advisor who may align with your Theatre Arts interests and can request a meeting with them.

Students are also encouraged to meet with the advisors in Tykeson Hall. Those advisors are great for general advising for your non-Theatre Arts related coursework, general UO requirements, and general career readiness. Theatre Arts advisors can really help you hone in on applying your Theatre Arts degree both in a professional Theatre Arts setting, graduate school, or other professions.

To meet with a Tykeson Hall Advisor in your Flight Path (Media, Arts, and Expression), email their advising team here:


Upon completion of this form, you’ll also be added to our Theatre Arts mailing list. We’ll send out updates about auditions, upcoming productions, classes, involvement opportunities, scholarships, etc.



In lieu of filling out the online Major/minor add/drop form, you may also simply stop by our office in 216 Villard Hall to complete a paper version of the form.  We will process your declaration, connect you with department resources and answer any questions you may have.  Welcome!


Theatre Arts Major Requirements:

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Theatre Arts Minor Requirements:

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