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Theater Arts Courses (TA)

121 Scenery and Lighting Laboratory (1–2R) Building and painting scenery, hanging lights for productions. R thrice for maximum of 8 credits.

122 Costume Laboratory (1–2R) Building costumes for productions. R thrice for maximum of 8 credits.

124 Production (1–2R) Working backstage for productions. R thrice for maximum of 8 credits.

196 Field Studies: [Topic] (1–2R)

198 Workshop: [Topic] (1–2R)

199 Special Studies: [Topic] (1–5R) Freshman seminars.

210 Introduction to Design (4) Introduction to the principles of design as applied to the arts of theater design, scenery, costumes, and lighting. Creative projects to develop concepts of visual imagery. Includes laboratory. Bonds, Hooker.

211 Theater Production I (4) Introduction to the mechanics of mounting a theatrical production including basic construction of scenery and props and use of lighting equipment. Includes laboratory. Rose.

212 Theater Production II (4) Introduction to costumes and makeup. Costume construction includes basic hand and machine sewing techniques. Beginning makeup covers ingénue, beards, wounds, and fantasy. Includes laboratory. Bonds.

250 Acting I (4) Principles of warm-ups, individual inventory, Stanislavski system, character analysis, and rehearsal procedure.

251 Acting II (4) Continuation of performance principles for contemporary realistic theater with addition of dramaturgical scene study. Gilg.

252 Acting III (4) Development of audition and improvisational skills while establishing a working file of monologue material. May.

271 Introduction to Theater Arts (4) Play and script structure, contemporary aesthetic attitudes, and the value of theater arts to society and the individual. May.

321 Scenery Production (1–3R) Production or performance crew head for scenery. Prereq: TA 210, 211, 212. R thrice for maximum of 12 credits.

322 Costume Production (1–3R) Production or performance crew head for costumes. Prereq: TA 210, 211, 212. R thrice for maximum of 12 credits.

323 Lighting Production (1–3R) Production or performance crew head for lighting. Prereq: TA 210, 211, 212. R thrice for maximum of 12 credits.

324 Production (1–3R) Stage manager, assistant director, or dramaturgy position. R thrice for maximum of 12 credits.

325 Performance (1–3R) Preparation, rehearsal, and performance of an acting role. R thrice for maximum of 12 credits.

364 Play Direction (4) Sources of dramatic material, choice of plays, casting and rehearsal of players, production organization.

367, 368, 369 History of the Theater I,II,III (4,4,4) Development of the theater from its origins to the present. Emphasizes the history of dramatic literature, criticism, theater architecture, design, and performance. Forsgren, Najjar.

399 Special Studies: [Topic] (1–5R)

401 Research: [Topic] (1–21R)

405 Reading and Conference: [Topic] (1–21R)

406 Field Studies: [Topic] (1–21R)

407/507 Seminar: [Topic] (1–5R)

408/508 Workshop: [Topic] (1–21R)

409 Practicum: [Topic] (1–3R) R thrice for maximum of 12 credits.

410/510 Experimental Course: [Topic] (1–4R)

411/511, 412/512, 413/513 Costume History I,II,III (4,4,4) History of Western clothing in cultural context. 411/511: Egyptian to Renaissance. 412/512: mid-Renaissance to romanticism. 413/513: Victorian to the present. Bonds.

416/516 Costume Design (4) Beginning design concepts and various artistic media as applicable to costume design and rendering techniques. Prereq: TA 210. Bonds.

417/517 Advanced Costume Design (4) Analysis and interpretation of scripts for costume design. Continuation of development of rendering techniques. Prereq: TA 416/516. Bonds.

418/518 Costume Pattern Drafting (4) Designing patterns through flat patterning and draping techniques. Practical experience in pattern development and execution. Prereq: TA 212. Bonds.

419/519 Costume Construction (4) Practical problems encountered in building and decorating costumes for the stage. Prereq: TA 212.

420 Return and Review for Actors (1R) Review foundational concepts and technique by participating, demonstrating, and coaching in Acting I or II. Prereq: TA 250, 251, 252; coreq: TA 409. R once for TA 250; once for TA 251.

423/523 Theater Arts Pedagogy (4R)

441/541 Scene Design: Single Set (4) Elements of scene design; the scene designer’s role. Creating a ground plan, measured perspective techniques, elevations, design styles. Design process and procedures related to the proscenium stage only. Prereq: TA 210. Hooker.

445/545 Advanced Projects in Theater Technology: [Topic] (4R) Specialized areas of theater technology, one topic per term. Topics include scene painting, stage management, props, and computer drafting. R seven times when topic changes for maximum of 32 credits.

452/552 Advanced Acting: [Topic] (4R) Topics in the performance of a specific genre or authors, or in specific performance technique, including voice, movement, comedy, Shakespeare, and solo performance. Prereq: TA 252, 271; one from TA 210, 211, 212. R when topic changes. May, Schmor.

465 Playwriting (4) Laboratory seminar focused on active and intensive development of new skills and aims in writing for live performance. Junior standing required. Offered alternate years.

467/567 Lighting for the Stage (4) Designing lighting for the stage; technical and aesthetic problems. Prereq: TA 211. Rose.

470 Majors Seminar (4) Capstone seminar for junior theater majors; readings and research in new theater trends, aesthetics, professional and higher academic opportunities. Prereq: TA 367.

471/571 Studies in Theater and Culture: [Topic] (4R) Dramatic literature and historical cultural concepts. Establishes a cultural context for periods of drama, using arts materials and socioeconomic factors to clarify aesthetic attitudes and practices of theater. R thrice when topic changes for maximum of 16 credits.

472/572 Multicultural Theater: [Topic] (4R) Origins and development of contributions in theater and drama by various cultures including Latino, Chicano, African American, Asian American, and Native American. R four times when topic changes for maximum of 20 credits.

474/574 Themes in Dramatic Literature: [Topic] (4R) The intents, uses, and effects of dramatic literature with special regard for theatrical production and audience reception. R thrice when topic changes for maximum of 16 credits.

503 Thesis (1–16R)