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Summer Theatre

Summer SOUP is theatre by the ​s​eat of ​ou​r ​p​ants.

A SOUP aesthetic means that we encourage ideas to simmer beyond the classroom and outside of the University Theatre season. We choose new plays or projects with opportunities for abbreviated, intense student engagement. We apply practical solutions creatively, with minimal resources. We offer most of the production roles (design, stage management, acting, etc.) to current UO students or recent graduates and provide artistic guidance through faculty direction. Collaboration and outreach are essential to the program. We invite the campus and Eugene community to join us by giving free tickets to everyone. Summer SOUP aims to satisfy artistic hunger in the summer months with a hearty blend of challenging content, ingenuity, communal effort, and theatrical adventure.


Check out our delicious upcoming events:

Sun Poisoning
August 23-24 / director: Ellen Gillooly-Kress

7:30 PM, Hope Theatre
Free admission or pay what you wish
Seating is first come, first served
Doors open at 7:00 pm

**No advanced tickets are required. Doors open at 7. Hope Theatre, UO Campus**

Sun Poisoning was featured in the first season of Summer SOUP in 2017 as a play reading in development between the director Ellen Gillooly-Kress and playwright Harrison Sim. This play first began simmering as part of a collaboration while they were still at their undergraduate institution of University Of New Mexico. Five years, an official reading, several workshopped scenes, and seven versions later, this new work will receive its world premiere as part of the 2019 season of Summer SOUP.

As part of the 2017 reading series, Sim noted, “Sun Poisoning is a play about how character is largely determined by place.…Desert people are their own kind of people. If you ever meet someone whose skin’s been cooked to the bones, whose eyes roll like marbles in their head, whose brains have melted into squiggly lines, I hope you think of Sun Poisoning.”

Sun Poisoning is a play that defies genre, boasting an ensemble of characters with veritable sailor mouths but with hearts of gold, and a universe with its own magic and rules. Sun Poisoning is a prickly love letter to growing up in a dusty small town in the desert. It is a dark comedy(?) about a small town on the edge of a disastrous climate change, a morality tale against unchecked capitalism, and a tale about the magic and mischief of the place that you call home.

Live music composed by Ricardo Friaz will be featured throughout the play. Appropriate for audiences ages 13 and up (strong language and simulated violence).


Slow Cooker Series – October 2nd and 3rd

5:00 p.m. Summer SOUP play readings (Hope Theatre)

Two new plays in progress by TA graduate students:

Wreaths of Poppy by Anna Dulba-Barnett

Mobyius by Liz Fairchild


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