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Summer Theatre

Summer SOUP is theatre by the ​s​eat of ​ou​r ​p​ants.

A SOUP aesthetic means that we encourage ideas to simmer beyond the classroom and outside of the University Theatre season. We choose new plays or projects with opportunities for abbreviated, intense student engagement. We apply practical solutions creatively, with minimal resources. We offer most of the production roles (design, stage management, acting, etc.) to current UO students or recent graduates and provide artistic guidance through faculty direction. Collaboration and outreach are essential to the program. We invite the campus and Eugene community to join us by giving free tickets to everyone. Summer SOUP aims to satisfy artistic hunger in the summer months with a hearty blend of challenging content, ingenuity, communal effort, and theatrical adventure.


Dear SOUPers,

We are on hiatus due to COVID-19. We are stocking up on recipes and look forward to a full summer return in 2021. We may try to cook up a late summer activity this year, and we will post information if that proves possible. Meanwhile, we thank participants and patrons for supporting theatre by the seat of our collective pants. Stay safe out there!



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