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Recent Graduates


Lydia Borowicz (MA 2019) Thesis Title: “Traversing the Rift: Cultivating Climate Change Literacy Through Theatrical Performance”


Michelle Yeadon (PhD 2018) Dissertation: “The Nether Worlds of Jennifer Haley — A Case Study of Virtuality Theatre”

Kat Matthews (MFA 2018) Thesis Project: “Lighting Design for The Left Hand of Darkness

Shelbi Gilmond Wilkin (MFA 2018) Thesis Project: “A Costume Design for The Left Hand of Darkness


Shannon Dunbar (MFA 2017) Thesis Project: “Costume Design for Cinderella Waltz”


Margot Glaser (MFA 2016) Thesis Project: “Scenic and Projection Design for Water by the Spoonful”

Jamie Nathan (MFA 2016) Thesis Project: “Scenic Design Process for The School for Lies”

Michael Walker (MFA 2016) Scenic and Lighting Design

Lusie Cuskey (MA 2016) Thesis Title: “Roots in the Earth and a Flag in my Hand: Rural Gender Identity in American Musical Theatre”


Tricia Rodley (PhD 2015) Dissertation: “Practical Dramaturgy for Actors: Applying Resources of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to the Challenges of Language and Preparation”

Natalya Kolosowsky (MFA 2015) Costume Design

Les Gray (MA 2015)


Jean Sidden (PhD 2014)

Jacob Rorem (MA 2014)


Damond Morris (PhD 2013) Dissertation Title: “Presenting Oregon: Formative Forces of the Oregon Unit of the Federal Theatre Project”

Kathy Thomas (PhD 2013)


Kimberly Bates (MA 2012) Thesis Title: “Clowns Ex Machina: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Gender and Clown”

Kato Buss (PhD 2012) Dissertation Title: “Cowboy Up: Evolution of the Frontier Hero in American Theater, 1872-1903”

Daniel Glen Carlgren (MFA 2012) Thesis Project: “Scenic and Projection Design for Batboy the Musical

Brian Cook (PhD 2012) Dissertation Title: “(In)famous Angel: The Cherub Company and the Problem of Definition”

Theresa Dudeck (PhD 2012) Dissertation Title: “Keith Johnstone’s Search for the Ideal Classroom: A Critical Biography”

Francesca Geiger (MFA 2012) Thesis Project: “Lighting Arthur Miller’s The Crucible: An Examination of the Design Process”

Christine Madzik (MA 2012) Thesis Title: “Sojourn Theatre Company: A Case Study in Community-Based Theatre”

Anie Smith (MFA 2012) Thesis Project: “A Costume Design for Batboy the Musical

Gina Renee Love (MFA 2012)

Stephanie Dorothy Smith (MFA 2012)


Jarvis Jahner (MFA 2011), Thesis Project: “Scenic Design for Love’s Labours Lost

Jan Powell (PhD 2011), Dissertation Title: “Making Shakespeare: Editing and Publishing Shakespearean Text for Theatre Practitioners”

Jonathon Taylor (MFA 2011), Thesis Project: “Scenic Design for bobrauschenbergamerica

Bobby Vrtis (PhD 2011), Dissertation Title: “Theatre and Plague, Emotional Contagion and the Actor”


James Engberg (PhD 2010), Dissertation Title: “Fierce Flowers and Fragile Monsters: Grotesque Performance in the Contemporary United States of America”

Erica Milkovich (PhD 2010), Dissertation Title: “A History of Neo-Futurism”

Rachel Steck (PhD 2010), Dissertation Title: “Laughing Lesbians: Camp, Spectatorship and Citizenship”

Jennifer Thomas (PhD 2010), Dissertation Title: “Bryony Lavery: English Playwright as Feminist Adapter”


Chryss Allaback (PhD 2009), Dissertation Title: “Theatre of Jambands: Performance of Resistance”

Jacqueline Bruchman (MA 2009), Thesis Title: “Equals in the Revolution: The Legacy of Teatro de las Chicanas”

Melissa Hurt (PhD 2009), Dissertation Title: “Lessac’s Kinesensics: An Embodied Acting Practice via Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenal Body”

Meredith Ott (MA 2009), Thesis Title: “Child Actor Ethics: Children in Plays with Adult Themes”

Jef Petersen (MA 2009), Thesis Title: “Playful Conversations: A Study of Shared Dynamics between the Plays of Paula Vogel and Sarah Ruhl”