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Fall 2020 TA Courses

Registration for Fall 2020 opens June 2nd! 

Check back here as we’ll be adding expanded information & descriptions about our course offerings.



Remote= courses are taught remotely online, attendance required at specific times

Online= courses are taught online, attendance not required at specific times

Hybrid= courses can be a mixture of online/remote or remote/in-person

(not including regularly scheduled credits for production, practicum, performance, independent study and readings)

Fall 2020

TA 210- Intro to Design (open to TA majors & minors only, with preference given to majors)

TA 211- Theatre Production I

TA 250- Acting I (Five Sections-Four on campus, One remote/online hybrid)

Acting I, Remote/online hybrid class information:

TA 271- Intro Theatre Arts (Remote/In-Person Hybrid- lecture portions mainly online, discussion sections in-person)

TA 367- Theatre History I (Online)

TA 418/518- Costume Pattern Drafting  (*satisfies IIIA req)

TA 445/545-  Drawing & Rendering (*satisfies IIIA req) TA majors/minors only

TA 445/545- Stage Management (*satisfies IIIA req, Hybrid in-person/remote)

TA 445/545- Projection Design (*satisfies IIIA req)

TA 472/572- Latinx Theatre (*satisfies IIIB req, Remote)

TA 490- Playwriting (*automatically satisfies the capstone requirement; can be used for a IIIA, but cannot be used to satisfy both the capstone and IIIA requirements at once, Remote)

TA 651- Theory of Dramatic Production “The Postmodern Gesture.” Graduate students only, preference given to TA majors.


Fall 2020 Course Listing online