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Cupcakes and Cute Puppies!

On Monday, February 3rd, we kicked off our annual Governor State Employee Food Drive to raise funds and food for Food for Lane County. Another aspect of this fundraiser is to raise awareness to the on campus resources for our food insecure students. (If you wish to learn more about those options here is a link:
Last year, University of Oregon raised the equivalent of 124,090 lbs of food. The goal for this year is to reach the equivalent of 125,000 lbs of food. We reach this goal in a few different ways, food donations using the food barrel in the office, monetary donations, and online donations. Each dollar donated is equivalent to 1 pound of food. Three meals are donated to each dollar.
We can definitely use your help!

To reach our goal in this department, we will be holding a bake sale on Tuesday, February 18th between 12:00pm and 3:00pm in the lobby of the Miller Theatre Complex.

Goodies will cost $1.00 or 1 can of food.

Come and buy some delicious treats and play with some awesome dogs at the same time!!
Other ways to participate:
We will be selling chocolate and other treats in the office throughout the month of February. Our chocolate vendors are a local company based in Portland, each bar is $4. Other goodies will cost $1.00 or 1 can of food.
There is also an option to donate through payroll deductions. Please contact Alohi if you are interested in payroll deductions.
Online Donations through the crowdfunding site:
Most needed food donations:
Peanut Butter (and other nut butters), canned and boxed meals and meats, beans and peas, pasta, rice, cereal, canned fruits and veggies, shelf stable milk, cooking oils, 100% fruit and vegetable juices.