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Apollo Meets the Climate Youth Movement on Indigenous Ground

Theresa May’s 2019 devised play, The HomePlanet is featured in HowlRound Theatre Commons!

Theresa May, playwright, artistic director of Earth Matters on Stage (EMOS), and associate professor of theatre at the University of Oregon, shares her process of play development for The HomePlanetThe HomePlanet took the Robinson Theatre Stage in the Spring of 2019 and was a visually stunning piece that spoke of creation stories, climate change, and the love of our blue planet.

Check out this essay for a deeper look into the inspiration for and creation of The HomePlanet:

Excerpt from the article:

“Secretly, I had been dreaming of writing a play about space exploration for over twenty years—ever since I encountered Kevin Kelly’s 1991 book The Home Planet, published by the Association of Space Explorers. The photography taken from space, which is set beside personal reflections about space travel from astronauts around the world, is mind-blowing. I wanted those photos on stage, and huge. I wanted the astronauts’ compelling words to be heard.” — Theresa May