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Choose your own adventure!

Be daring winter term and expand your theatre horizons with these courses:


TA 250: Acting 1- Bilingual: Class taught in both Spanish and English.
You can also receive Spanish elective credit
MWF- 12:00-1:50 pm
Meet new people and possibly learn a new language!
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TA 410: Costume Draping
MWF-10:00-11:50 am
Pre-req is TA 212
Practical problems encountered in building and decorating costumes
for the stage.
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TA 472: Top Native Theatre Waterways Project
M/W: 4:00-5:50 pm
How are contemporary Native/First Nations/Pacific Island playwrights using theatre and performance to tell untold stories, re-write and reclaim histories; how does theatre work as an Indigenizing force, and a site of resistance and resilience? This course will explore both literature and performance of contemporary Native plays through decolonizing frames to better understand themes that are central to Native Theatre artists. Students will become familiar with current Native artists and companies, and the course will include workshops with guest artists and indigenous guest speakers.




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“Native theater is a field of theater that focuses on plays written by and or with members of Indigenous Nations . . . Native Theater is a powerful way for Native people to tell their own stories. . . writing plays about your own land, culture, and stories is a way to make yourself heard. . . Native theater is theater of transformation and evolved out of Native tradition and storytelling . . . unique, and different from mainstream plays because they use place, body, and often traditional languages.”
–Marta Clifford, Elder in Residence